Most of our younger patients won’t need treatment right away…

So after an initial exam, we will most likely recommend annual observation of tooth eruption and growth and development.

My child is so young! Does he/she need braces?!

Probably not. We love to see kids around age 7 or 8 for a complimentary initial exam but rarely treatment is recommended. We don’t often treat patients at such a young age, but we like to see them for an exam and x-ray to check for missing or extra teeth, jaw and bite problems, or tooth eruption problems. After the initial exam, usually an annual observation visit (at no charge) is recommended.

By seeing your child annually starting at age 7 or 8, we have a good point of reference and can monitor growth and development as well as tooth eruption to make sure that if there is a benefit to treatment, we can begin at the appropriate time.

When is early treatment recommended?

Sometimes braces, an expander, or another type of orthodontic appliance is recommended even though baby teeth are still present. Early treatment is recommended to address issues that can alter normal growth and development of your child’s jaws and permanent teeth.